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So far, my first few blogs over here at WordPress have been a bit snarky.  While there’s more where that came from, today I blog about three things you can do to inspire yourself, if your job search is driving you nuts!

Do you have a personal website? Have you thought about one? You can quickly and easily put up a professional looking website to enhance your online brand. You can also put up a creative or personal website around a hobby such as music or photography. And finally, spend some time this week promoting your favorite causes. Donations have been down across the board for non-profits, and while you may not be able to give at the moment, you can do some shout-outs on Twitter or Likes over a FB for your favorites. Spread the word!


Create a website to promote your career brand and gain visibility in your job search. Start at WebStarts.com or Wix.com, both offer free sites. Both are super easy to use, and they have tons of goodies, and it’s fun! Wix is in Flash!  Upload your résumé, bio, headshot, recommendations, portfolio/work or publications, and of course, link your blog! When you’re done, be sure to put the website URL on everything: email, Linked In, FB, Twitter, Plaxo, etc.

Create a website based on a hobby. Sometimes, hobbies turn into jobs. If you are a photographer, be sure to get your pictures up! Do you make music? Why not put up a website to showcase your talent and offer music lessons. How about cooking? Make your own cooking videos and put them on your website. Play chess or speak a foreign language? Offer lessons and promote it on your website.


And finally this week, think about promoting your favorite charity. I have not been able to give much this year, but I can Tweet, and Like. I will be promoting several charities close to my heart this week. Some I like are NRDC and the Whaleconservancy. I’m sure you have some too.

Job searching is tough. It’s easy to get depressed, or stressed. Try one of these suggestions this week. Hopefully, you will feel inspired!


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