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Career Change? Why not!

Winter in Vienna

Winter in Vienna (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Here we are in February! Happy New Year to my friends in China, or wherever they might be. If you haven’t stuck to your New Year’s resolutions so far, may I suggest you start over now. It is never too late to start over. I have started over several times now, and I consider myself somewhat of an expert at this point! Two years ago, my husband and I picked up and moved from LA to Vienna, Austria. Granted, this is his hometown, but it was still starting over after living at the beach for 11 years!

And so far, we’ve survived! Has it been tough? Yes. Did the finances run out? Yes. Has learning a new, unbelievably hard language been easy? NO. And did my husband have to go through a few jobs to find the right one? Yes.

I had to reinvent my career as well, becoming a “global career coach” and learned how to market my services worldwide, and use a virtual office. And, I am not so young these days! But, with a sense of adventure, resilience and a positive attitude, we changed our lives.

You can too. In the past few weeks, several of my clients have had interviews, but no offers, in the Architecture and Design field. In most cases, it was not the right fit. However, the design and construction industry is at a standstill for hiring. I read a statistic the other day that reported unemployment for recent Architecture graduates is at 13.9%!! That is shocking! Do you know how expensive and LONG Architecture school is?

So, what to do now? If you’re in an industry that basically no longer exists, or the job opportunities are severely limited, it’s time to change. Yes, change careers. Most people go into their chosen careers for either the love of it, or because they drifted into it somehow, but you don’t have to stay. The average number of careers people have these days is 6. That is 6 different careers! Not jobs.

Start by exploring related career fields, or “career adjacent.” Make a plan, do research. If you can type, you can find out ANYTHING you need to on the Internet. You can even upgrade your knowledge, skills and education via the Internet.

The key is to just do it. Don’t think about too much, or over, over analyze it. The best things in life are usually the things we do based on our gut feelings. Like moving half-way around the world to start a new life! We just did it.

Need to make a career change but don’t know how to start? Contact me for a complimentary career consultation at Kristi.Enigl@gmail.com. Also check out the blogs I’ve linked to below, they are very helpful.


December Grads: Don’t Despair!

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Most people are moving into “Holiday Mode”, you know the season where you go to a bunch of parties, drink too much, shop for friends and family that you haven’t seen in ages, and if you’re broke, try not to spend too much. Some of you though, are actually GRADUATING from college in December. I did (and then in June I went to the ceremony). Companies and firms gear up for June graduates to flood them with resumes, but in December, there’s not too much attention paid to new grads looking for their first “real job”, so there is a real chance someone in HR might actually read your resume. You will have an advantage if you ALREADY have some work experience, and have been networking.

But there is a big advanage to graduation in December, so don’t despair.

A little known secret is that December is a big hiring month for many companies. I once hired 12 employees in a two week span at the end of December! It goes like this: department directors request and get new hire budgets in January, then they get busy, and make some attempts to hire around June (recent grads!), and, somehow, the end of the year sneaks up on them, and they still haven’t hired! Unless they hire employees by Dec 31, they will lose that budget, and have to start the funding process all over in January. SO..what this means, is that successful companies have human capital budget, and are in a big hurry to get new employees on board. Here are some tips to be one of those new hires:

1.  Start at the Career Center

Many college career centers have established relationships with firms, companies and almuni, so go there first. They can help you put together a résumé, and help you connect with the companies. Be sure to follow-up on your own with any leads they give you.

2. Use Social Media

Start with Facebook, since you’re already there. Find companies you want to work for, search for their page, and go from there: Like them, post to their wall, and engage. Many companies have a “Jobs” section making it even easier. Then, be sure to utilize Linked In to its fullest: take advantage of the “recent grads” sections, groups, discussions, and jobs. You can conduct company research, and follow companies and recruiters. Be sure to complete your profile, use a professional photo, get solid recommendations, and upload a stellar résumé. In general, maintain a professional online image, as most hiring managers check Social Media prior to candidate selection.

3. Check the Job Boards

I am not a huge proponent of job boards, but this is the time of year that companies take advantage of posting open jobs on Monster, Career Builder, etc. So, take a look, and if you see something you like, check it out on Linked In, maybe you’re connected to someone on the inside. If so, reach out.

4. Network EVERYWHERE!

It’s the holidays – so take advantage of every opportunity to network: at parties, events, church, temple, mosque, shopping, protests, email newsletters, year-end charity events, etc. Be sure you have business cards – yes, business cards – with your current phone, email, a branding statement, and a link to your Linked In profile. Networking is an essential part of your career search, so the sooner you get busy, the better. Remember, networking is about building trusted relationships, and not just collecting business cards.

Even though the December graduate doesn’t get all the attention, you may get all the jobs!!

Need help with your job search? Claim your complimentary career assessment by emailing me at Kristi.Enigl@gmail.com.

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