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The Internet is Endless and Full of Errors

//”Career Advice” Advice

Okay, I admit: I’m missing Game of Thrones and October is still a ways off. I am HUGE fan of the HBO show based on the books of George R.R. Martin, and I need a marathon soon. The title of this post is a riff on “The night is long and full of terrors” spoken by Melisandre of Asshai (Carice van Houten), close adviser to Stannis Baratheon (Stephen Dillane). And, boy, is she right. Bad things are on the way for so many characters, and if you watched it last season (spoiler alert), you’ll know that some major characters were, um, relieved of their lives. At least Melisande’s advice is accurate!

Beware of career advice on the Internet, as it’s not as reliable. I spend A LOT of time reviewing career blogs and hanging out on G+ Career Communities, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and many more sites, scouring columns, articles and websites for the latest info on all things career and job searching. Rest assured, there are some career advisors out there that are truly subject matter experts. But, there are way too many sites that are dispensing absolute crap advice. Here’s few sites to avoid:

Resume Advice from Non-Native English Speakers
If you’re seeking advice on crafting a new, professional English language resume, please avoid advice sites where it’s obvious that the writer/advice giver is not an English speaker. Since you want your resume to be flawless and grammatically correct, do not take advice from career experts who can’t conjugate or construct correct sentences. I speak a little German, but there is no way I would ever write a resume advice blog IN German, for a German speaking audience. (Some of you may be picking apart my English language blogging abilities right now!)

Advice from Non-Experts
Copy writers, technical writers, coders, and logistics experts are not typically career experts. Yet, I find blogs from them offering career advice all the time! Seek out advice from: Recruiters, HR Managers, and career experts with backgrounds in interviewing and hiring people.

Shady Websites
Stay away from any career website that wants something from you before they give you any advice. Don’t subscribe, or input a credit card number or your Social Security Number. If it’s a site that offers you 1,000’s of job postings, but you have to endlessly click through a bunch of pages, it’s a Pay Per Click site, devoid of actual job postings. I find these all the time in LinkedIn’s Groups, unfortunately. Also avoid the “squeeze” page career advice site, which is a website with a really, really long intro/sales letter with little to no info whatsoever, usually ending with a “purchase this first and you’ll get the advice later” offer.

I remember following a “career marketing” expert on Twitter, and her offer of a free ebook took me to a site that was a tedious, never ending sales page that wanted you to “upgrade” to the pro package level for a couple of hundred dollars, without offering one tiny piece of free advice. Another site offered a bunch of freebies, and as soon as I signed up, I received an email with the subject line: FINAL NOTICE. Geeze, really? They were offering me a final chance to purchase their guide for, you guessed it, a couple of hundred dollars. Unsubscribed 2 seconds later.

Let me just write what I think: there’s an endless supply of bullshi$ sites out there that give truly awful career advice. I read a blog post on interviewing the other day that said “recruiters don’t like over ambitious persons.” What?

Like I said, the Internet is Endless and Full of Errors!” Proceed with caution. Hopefully, you’ll find the light. At least you’re not going to lose your head!

A few sites I recommend wholeheartedly are: Career Rocketeer, The Career Sherpa, and The Undercover Recruiter, and The Savvy Intern.

If you want helpful, practical and easy to implement career advice from someone that’s hired over 400 people in her career, you can drop me an email at Kristi.Enigl@gmail.com or send me your career question below:


Other Job Search Thingys

// Inspire

So far, my first few blogs over here at WordPress have been a bit snarky.  While there’s more where that came from, today I blog about three things you can do to inspire yourself, if your job search is driving you nuts!

Do you have a personal website? Have you thought about one? You can quickly and easily put up a professional looking website to enhance your online brand. You can also put up a creative or personal website around a hobby such as music or photography. And finally, spend some time this week promoting your favorite causes. Donations have been down across the board for non-profits, and while you may not be able to give at the moment, you can do some shout-outs on Twitter or Likes over a FB for your favorites. Spread the word!


Create a website to promote your career brand and gain visibility in your job search. Start at WebStarts.com or Wix.com, both offer free sites. Both are super easy to use, and they have tons of goodies, and it’s fun! Wix is in Flash!  Upload your résumé, bio, headshot, recommendations, portfolio/work or publications, and of course, link your blog! When you’re done, be sure to put the website URL on everything: email, Linked In, FB, Twitter, Plaxo, etc.

Create a website based on a hobby. Sometimes, hobbies turn into jobs. If you are a photographer, be sure to get your pictures up! Do you make music? Why not put up a website to showcase your talent and offer music lessons. How about cooking? Make your own cooking videos and put them on your website. Play chess or speak a foreign language? Offer lessons and promote it on your website.


And finally this week, think about promoting your favorite charity. I have not been able to give much this year, but I can Tweet, and Like. I will be promoting several charities close to my heart this week. Some I like are NRDC and the Whaleconservancy. I’m sure you have some too.

Job searching is tough. It’s easy to get depressed, or stressed. Try one of these suggestions this week. Hopefully, you will feel inspired!

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