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Want a job? Call your Elected Representatives!


I have read about a half a million blogs, articles, and websites about how to get a job. Many, including my own, focus on the job seeker, and what they need to do better, or what they are doing wrong. And many times there are things that job hunters could be doing better, like improving their résumé. But, let’s be honest, this recession is in its third year, and the US government declared it over in 2009. Bullshit.
(I’m a bit more explicit in my new blog). I am REALLY sick and tired of hearing that we are having a “jobless recovery“. What does that mean exactly? That corporations and stock holders will make money because they have fewer employees? Yes, I think that’s what it means.

I know, some of you are rolling your eyes about now, thinking “we make our own destiny” or some other baloney. But I have witnessed how many truly awesome people are out of work, and trust me, it’s not because they can’t control their own destiny. I am talking about top-notch, experienced professionals at the height of their careers. People who were “poached” in the past are looking for work — for a few years now. They have great resumes, and online brands, and they network, etc. Many of them are experts in their fields, they blog, they give speeches, they mentor, they are doing everything right. Finding jobs for the millions of unemployed who fit this category will be tough, if not impossible.

It seems to me that our elected officials have done little to nothing about this; I don’t hear them giving speeches about their plans, certainly Obama’s ideas have been too little too late. The simple fact is that there AREN’T many or any jobs for professionals, because the companies that could hire them are doing better without them. Maybe the era of JOBS is over. Maybe there is nothing that our elected leaders can do. Maybe we are all entrepreneurs now.

Call and email your greedy, lazy Senators or Reps, state and federal. No doubt they can’t do much to fix this economy, but they should feel some heat. It just seems like business as usual for them, what with the debt ceiling drama, they are busy cutting social services and giving themselves tax breaks.

// END OF RANT (for now!)


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