Kristi Enigl, A Different Kind of Career Coach

I have over 20 years of professional practice in Human Resources, Recruiting, and as a Hiring Manager. I have hired hundreds, interviewed thousands, and reviewed hundreds of thousands of resumes. Trust me, I know what it takes to get hired or take your career to the next level. I work individually with clients, giving them the time and confidentially to discover their talents and passions and adapt them to the new economy. Each person has a unique set of experiences and skills, and has a story to tell. I help you accelerate your dreams whether you are looking for a job, a promotion, changing careers, or just in need of a tune-up to remain competitive and up-to-date in this digital age.

The Benefits to You:

  • Clarify your career goals with a one-to-one career coaching
  • Discover what’s holding you back
  • Rebrand, repackage, and reboot yourself
  • Define and execute a hard target job search strategy
  • Understand employers’ recruitment and hiring practices
  • Improve your resume | bio | online profiles
  • Brush up your interview techniques for the new “social intelligence” questions

I work with clients all over the globe, and I can help you put together a cohesive career action plan, or help your entrepreneurial endeavors. As jobs grow scare, today is the time to think about your future, and make appropriate plans for your success tomorrow.

What my Clients Say:

 “Hi Kristi, I got the job.. Yeah !!!” SB

“Thank you for helping me re-frame things, and giving me some hope, encouragement, and professional help–truly!” MM

“I just got a job with the [major newspaper]. I feel like your resume advice pointed me in the right direction, with regards to ‘telling my story’ in the most compelling and interesting way. Thank you for all of your help.” TL



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