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Time Savers for the Lazy Career

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It’s 2012 and I am not going to hit you over the head with a bunch of “career goals” and resolutions. I never really stick to my mine anyway, or else this here blog would be more regular! So, I thought I offer you a few shortcuts to boost your career brand this year. I know how busy you are, resumes to re-write, networking events to attend, a Super Bowl party to plan!

Spend 15 minutes per day on your Social Media Sites

Yes, that’s all you really need. Update your status once per day on a SM linking site such as Social Oomph. Say something relevant, or link to an interesting, on-topic article or blog. Then, comment on one or two discussions in two of your groups.

Network with 4 People Per Month

Online: put your “follows” to use and reach out to someone who follows you, or that you follow. Send an introductory email, start a dialogue, and move forward from there. It can be as simple as “Hi Joe. I noticed that you’ve been following my Tweets for a while, and I wanted to say thanks!”

Offline: Attend 2 networking events per month. Search Meetup.com, or Linked In, or find a local industry group, sign up, then go. Have a plan to meet 2-3 contacts, and then follow-up with a coffee meeting at a later date.

Comment on Blogs

No time to write a blog? No problem..comment on blogs! Be sure they are related to your job/career etc., and aim for those with a big readership where you can post your Linked In url, or website address, and photo.

The Result?

Spending as little as 20 minutes per day, and attending 2 networking events per month, will help you expand your professional network by at least 60 contacts by years’ end. Not bad for the lazy approach to career management!


About kristienigl

I am a Global Career Coach and Job Search Consultant, with a 20 year background in hiring people. I share that “insider” information with my clients and help them accelerate their career goals with career branding, social media, and networking though customized one-on-one coaching. I have hired hundreds, interviewed thousands, and reviewed 500,000 resumes, and that makes me the Career Coach With a Different Approach! Are you ready to move forward?


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