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I want a job, not spam!

Have you signed up for any of those big job search websites recently? Like Beyond.com, the Ladders or a résumé blaster? Well, I have (it’s good to keep up with these things as a career coach), and I am wondering why I have received so many 3rd party spam offers from them, even though I didn’t “opt in” to anything. After 10 days on Beyond.com, which I have heard good things about, I started to receive offers to join “exclusive” training seminars which would solve all my financial problems. And it was only $97.00! From one resume blasting service I received a barrage of spam from leading insurance companies, because “my background and experience fit the profile” for an insurance broker…you know the ones, where you open your own franchise under a nationwide brand name. And from the Ladders, the $100K plus job board, (note: I did not pay for their premium service) I was spamed with job hunting blogs and offers to upgrade. 

I am NOT slamming these sites! They must do something right and I hope that job seekers do have success on them. I am just saying: What a bunch of SPAM!! So, if you do register with any of the big job sites, here are a few tips for the spam:

1. Opt OUT of the newsletters

When you are signing-up, be sure to OPT OUT of any and all newsletters, email specials, free bonuses, etc. Otherwise, you will start getting spammed almost instantly. Only OPT IN for job openings, leads and referrals.

2. Set up email filters

For each site you join, immediately or even before, assign a filter, folder or label in your email inbox. Even if you Opt Out to every-little-thing, you’re still going to get a boatload of email from them. It makes it way easier to wrangle if they are all in one place, or labeled.

3. Get a new email address for each site

Use your name in the email address for branding purposes, but somehow, get a new email for each site you join, or use one email for all the sites. That way, all your jobsite related emails, spam or not, are in one place.

Setting up an email management system prior to signing up will make your job hunt, and life, SO much easier. Unless you like spam, that is!

BTW…those of you that have read my blog over at blogspot, you know that I am not a big fan of job boards anyway. Let me know if you have had any success recently.


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I am a Global Career Coach and Job Search Consultant, with a 20 year background in hiring people. I share that “insider” information with my clients and help them accelerate their career goals with career branding, social media, and networking though customized one-on-one coaching. I have hired hundreds, interviewed thousands, and reviewed 500,000 resumes, and that makes me the Career Coach With a Different Approach! Are you ready to move forward?


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