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Job Search Reminders

Hello and welcome to my new blog! I am happy to be over here at WordPress, and I am looking forward to continuing to provide insider info about all things career. I have a few simple things to go over on this first blog, and as time moves forward,  I will be getting into a variety of topics including job loss in the US and the politics of “job creation”, the hard task of getting hired in this new world, and anything in between. If you have a question leave it in the comments section.

A few Job Search Reminders that may have gotten lost in the shuffle:

1. Do NOT use an email filter!!   

If you are sending out emails to recruiters or hiring managers and you are hoping for or expecting a reply, nothing stops that process faster than making the recipient take extra time to register with your email filter. Get rid of it pronto.

2. Your email address should be your name!

Please…do  I need to explain? I think so, as I get SO MANY emails from job seekers that use really bad email addresses. Get one with your name, or a variation of your name. Now!

3. Resume writers and career coaches charge for their services.

Much like a dentist or CPA, professional career advisors make a living by providing valuable info to their clients that help them manage their careers and/or get back to work a lot faster. If you don’t have a budget for their services, and they do vary, use Google to find free career services. There are plenty available.


About kristienigl

I am a Global Career Coach and Job Search Consultant, with a 20 year background in hiring people. I share that “insider” information with my clients and help them accelerate their career goals with career branding, social media, and networking though customized one-on-one coaching. I have hired hundreds, interviewed thousands, and reviewed 500,000 resumes, and that makes me the Career Coach With a Different Approach! Are you ready to move forward?


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